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  • About Us

    Currently we are working on Intelligent, Talkative humaniod robot for retail business use case. These types of robots are very useful in customer support, Product selling, Product stocks management. They can be easily hired and they are able to please your customers because of there intelligence. They are very handy, interactive. They were able to collect data form the customer and analyze them to understand user preferences which is vey helpful in business revenue growth. Our robots are able connected with user through chatbot application in customers mobile phone. Through this they are always educating customer about new products, offers etc.

    We also develop voice and text activated chatbots for platforms like facebook, telegram and websites. Those chatbots will help business to automate customer support, analysis customers sentiment towards the business, offer products and generate new leads..

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    E-commerce Chatbot

    E-commerce Bot- Chatbot for e-commerce business. useful for selling products online, showcase products to your customers 24/7. Helpful in guiding customers to choose a right product

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    Robot Selling Assistant

    Robot selling assistants are able to sell poducts to customer by human like language interaction. they are even able to do advance booking of product if the product is not available at the moment.

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    Robot Hotel Assistant

    This kind of robots are very helpful in custpmer supoort and hospitality in hotels. Those are able to remember customer orders and execute them time to time.

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    Personal Assistant

    These type of chatbots work as a personel assistant to individual & useful for managing appointments. These are mostly preferd by Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Engineers, CEOs etc.

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    Information/Educational Chatbot

    These chatbots are useful to educate people about certain topics, subjects(Daily news, new Products). These chatbot are based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technics which make them more userfriendly and responsive.

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    Customized Robots/Chatbot

    Build Robots/Chatbots as per your requirements. We always appreciate Creativity!

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